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Our strategy prevents intrusive pop-ups and side ads, providing users with a clutter-free layout for undisturbed reading.

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Pinpointing your audience with precision

You can precisely place your ad within a specific domain, targeting a specific Architecture or even a particular MCU within it.


Time-tailored banner visibility

Boost your advertising strategy effectiveness by selecting the specific duration for your ad to run.

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Cost-effective banner display management

Choose the number of ad pages to control campaign costs directly. Tailor your advertising for maximum impact within your budget.

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User-friendly ad setup

Easily create your ad without training. Our the platform is user-friendly, enabling smooth and hassle-free ad deployment.

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Smart content inclusion

Creating ads on our platform is straightforward. Easily crop images, copy-paste text, and link directly to your desired page.

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Position and dimension

Ads appear within projects in the 'Explore - Partner Program' section. You can place your ad in a given position in each of projects.

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To create an ad, you'll need to send an advertising request. Once we approve your request, you can access the ad creation page.